Power tool manufacturer rebrands

Power tool manufacturer rebrands

Power tools and life‐science equipment manufacturer Hitachi Koki has changed its corporate name to Koki Holdings and rebranded its full line of power tools, known as Hitachi Koki, under the new HiKoki name, effective from May this year for the South African market.

“The new corporate name, Koki Holdings, is designed to maintain continuity with its current name while reflecting the multiple brands it encompasses globally. It is also meant to accelerate our investment in acquisitions that will assist us in expanding our global business,” explains power tool and hardware wholesaler Matus power tools category manager Dylan Thomas.

Matus has been distributing the Hitachi power tools since 1982 and remains the sales, marketing and distribution centre for the Southern Africa region. It has announced that it will play a leading role in the launch of the rebranding.

Thomas says the main objective of the launch is to educate the population that HiKoki is exactly the same Hitachi trusted power tool range, with no change in the quality, price and product codes, as well as warranty and repair policies.

He adds that revamping the brand name is the first step in taking the business to the next level with the support of its employees and partners globally.

Several initiatives are planned for the rebranding of Hitachi to HiKoki in South Africa, including dealer evenings, mobile billboards, branded delivery vehicles, new demonstration vans and trucks, branded merchandise and apparel, customer trade days and open days. HiKoki South Africa has also launched their fan pages on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, notes Thomas.

Multivolt Power tool

Thomas tells Engineering News that HiKoki will also launch its new 36 V HiKoki Multivolt cordless power tool range in May.

The range includes the new HiKoki MultiVolt BSL 36A18 batteries, which will be equipped with the new breed of 36 V power tools, as well as most Hitachi 18 V cordless power tools. “Given the size of the battery pack, it can be concluded that it’s rated at 36 V and 2.5 Ah, or 18 V and 5 Ah,” he explains.

He points out that the compact and lightweight batteries is almost the same size and weight as an existing 18 V battery. The batteries deliver considerable cordless power when paired with 36 V and 18 V tools.

Thomas notes that the battery pack is also compatible with 36 V and 18 V chargers. “The new 36 V charger is described as being a 14.4 V to 36 V charger, making it compatible with Hitachi’s current generations of slide-style battery packs.”

It also offers the ultimate flexibility of instantly switching from powering 36 V tools to powering virtually all HiKoki 18 V tools, adds Thomas.

The double voltage supply of alternating current and direct current in one battery means it can be snapped into place and power on, regardless of whether 36 V or 18 V tools are used.

Meanwhile, the advantages of using the cordless power tools that the batteries are equipped with are that they are lightweight, thus making it easy to carry them around and allowing for maximum freedom during use.

In addition, by making use of a battery instead of being corded, there are “fewer cords” laying around – which means an “increased safety and a safer workplace,” concludes Thomas.

Reference: Engineering News